Agrawal Solar Power Ventures (Rajasthan) Pvt. Ltd.
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Agrawal Solar Power Ventures (Rajasthan) Pvt.  Ltd has been formed in 2012 with an aim to develop solar power projects in Rajasthan. We have acquired about 85 acres of land to setup 22 MW solar power plants.

We have also tied up with the key technology suppliers to have a state of the art BOM in the plant.

Agrawal Solar Power Ventures (Rajasthan) Pvt.  Ltd is developing a total 22 MWp of solar PV plant at about 84.16 acres be constructed at this location. The plant will be constructed in different phases.

First phase we are setting up project is of 6.6 MW. “DHOOP” Brand Poly Crystalline Silicon PV modules will be used in the project and will be produced in-house at the manufacturing facility of the Agrawal Group in Goa.

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